PhotoStory Project

We are currently looking for more Latino artist interested in joining our creative venture.

If you want to participate in the PhotoStory Project, simply send us an email expressing your interest and we will place you in the artists' list. To participate you will have to follow the guidelines of the project.

The guidelines for the project are quite simple:

  • All materials submitted must be original and never before published.
  • Participants understand and agree to follow and continue the story that has been told before their participation.
  • Visual Artist can submit only one piece (i.e. One photograph, one painting, one sketch, etc)
  • Writers can submit a piece of literature (Short story, poem, etc) no longer than 750 words.
  • All participants have only one week to complete their assignment and present it to be published on the PhotoStory website.

If you are interested in participating in this new initiative, please send us an email to

For more information about the PhotoStory Project, see the details in about the project





The PhotoStory Project is an initiative of the SC Hispanic Leadership Council.


The Photo Story Project
is an initiative of local Latino artist that aims to create a story told by a series of alternating visual and literary submissions. Our goals Is to provide a creative outlet and to bring SC Latino artist together for a common artistic venture

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